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Thursdays Fat Burner Workout

Todays workout is an all body triumvirate (3 exercises).  There is no need for equipment, except perhaps a mat or other cushioned flooring.  You can do this workout in the comfort of your own home. It is a challenge that you will set yourself then attempt to beat.

Warm up  
5-8 minutes of stepping, use your stairs, take it nice and easy, vary your lead leg, swing your arms in rhythm with the movement.  We are attempting to increase your pulse rate and bodies temperature.

12 x Jump Squats
12 x Press Ups
12 x Bicycles (each side)

How many full circuits can you complete in 15 minutes?

Jump Squats - With feet hip width apart, squat down making sure that you keep your back staright, so keep head and chest up facing forward, bum pushes backwards as you bend at the knee and lower your body.  Come back up with enough force to take your feet off the ground, a jump.  Land softly, allow your joints to absorb the impact by landing and going straight into the lowering phase.

Press Ups - I think we all know what a press up is, keep your tummy engaged, hold it tight whilst performing.  If you cannot complete 12 full press ups, do half ones, put a cushion on the floor and kneel on it, still completing the press up in the same up down motion, hands wide at the chest, bending at the elbows.  Dont worry half ones are not a cop out, they are still challenging.

Bicycle - Lie on your back, place your hands beside your head, in a single motion rotate and lift upper body and at the same time bring one knee into chest, perform at opposites so left elbow comes towards right knee, then reverse so that right elbown comes towards left knee.  As you switch legs kick the other leg out slow and low. Perform 24, 12 each side smoothly and slowly

Rest - Up to you.....the more you rest the less time to complete another round of exercises, the less you rest the harder it is.

Good luck, please post your results. 

Remember all physical activity carries risks to health, please consult your GP before starting any exercise.

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