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Prices and Packages
At fit4u we attempt to keep our pricing as simple as possible to help you, our customer to get the best package available.

Personal Training

Training sessions specifically designed for you
Training plans 
Nutritional analysis 
Postural analysis 
Fitness measuring and assessment 

Single session £40

10 sessions - £340  SAVE £60 (£34 per session)
20 sessions - £640  SAVE £160 (£32 per session)
30 sessions - £900  SAVE £300 (£30 per session)
50 sessions - £1250  SAVE £750 (£25 per session)

FREE complimentary taster session, book via an email to, stating dates and times available.

2 for 1
2 people train together for the price of 1

Claim 10% off of future packages
If you purchase a package and commit to a certain number of sessions a week, if you complete your package in the pre-agreed time you will receive a 10% discount off of your next purchase of the same package.

Eg - You pay £340 for 10 training sessions agreeing to do 2 sessions per week, after 5 weeks you have completed the 10 sessions, you can receive a 10% discount off of your next purchase of 10 sessions, so pay £306.

Note - you can only claim a discount of 10% up to the value of your previous package, for example if your original package is a 10 session package and you qualify for a discount, if you then decide to purchase a 20 session package you only receive the discount equivalent of the 10% package. This discount can only be claimed once. You must quote '10PERCENT' when initially booking.

Let fit4u help you get RESULTS!
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