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Fridays Fitness Blast - Obstacle Race Workout

Obstacle Racing is fast becoming the fitness challenge of 2014, whether you decide to test yourself as a Spartan or discover if you are a ToughMudder, the challenge is there for you to take....but how do you prepare for such a varied event.

Completing any obstacle race requires good all round fitness levels, if you run regularly you may need to improve your muscular strength, if you lift weights a few times a week you may not possess the cardiovascular fitness to cover a 10 kilometer course.

Your training should prepare you for your event, it should include exercise that is specific for the challenges you will face from Monkey Bars and clambering over 10 foot high walls and leaping over fires and wading though chest high muddy water. You will need to put in a lot of hours to equip you to confidently tackle your chosen event.

Beginners Workout
Warm up - 10 minutes pulse raiser include upper body mobility

Perform each exercise for 1 minute as a circuit

Star Jumps
Press Ups
Butt Kicks (running on the spot, kick heels back towards butt, rather than lift knees)
Skaters (from a standing start jump right foot across left, immediately bounce back with left leg across to the right, lean forward to adopt a speed skater type stance)
Crawl outs (from a standing start lean forward and place you hands on the floor, walk your hands forwards until your body is parallel to the floor then walk back and stand up)
Frog Jumps (get into a squat position, power up out of that position and jump, land softly and lower yourself straight into the next jump)
Pull Ups/ Rows
Fast feet  (get into a half squat position with feet hip width apart, as fast as you can tap your feet alternately up and down, every 15 seconds drop to the floor to a press up position then bounce back up)
Travelling Lunges
Butt Kicks

Circuit will take 12 minutes, move from one exercise to the next without rest, if you cannot complete a full minute of any exercise rest during that minute before carrying on.

Rest for 90 seconds at the end of the circuit, complete 3 circuits

Cool down - 5 minute low level Cardiovascular exercise like a walk plus extensive stretching

Aim to complete circuits 2-3 x a week

In addition aim to complete 2 instances of Cardiovascular exercise for 40 minutes, (preferably running or run/walk intervals)

There are plenty of Obstacle course events to choose from, if you are not sure of your ability or are a complete beginner, some races start at 5km, check out for more information.

Good luck, make 2014 the year you unleash your inner warrior!

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