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Thursdays Training Technique - Swiss Balls

Swiss balls are a great training tool, relatively cheap they can be a highly effective way to train your entire body

This workout is designed to work all aspects of your core and will strengthen and stabilise for everyday life as well as improve fitness.

Warm up with a gentle pulse raise, step for 5 minutes include arm swings and rotations.

Perform 12-15 repetitions of each exercise in a circuit format. Perform 2-3 circuits.

Bridge - Targets lower back and glutes. 
Sit on the ball, slowly walk yourself forwards and lean back at the same time until your shoulders are on the ball. Lift your hips up to create a straight line from knee to shoulder. Slowly lower hips back down, keep your stomach tense throughout movement, and contract glutes to increase involvement.

Sit Ups - Targets abdominals
Sit on the ball, slowly walk forwards and lean back at the same time until your back is on the ball, allow your back to copy the curvature of the ball. Place your hands beside your head, bring your head and shoulders up, curling your spine forwards, ensure that your hips stay in the same place. To increase intensity move your hands above your head extending your arms will further increase intensity but ensure that they do not swing in front of your face.

Dorsal Raise - Targets lower back
Start with your stomach on the ball and legs extended behind you. Place your hands besides your head, using your lower back lift your upper body up as high as you can, slowly lower your body back to the original position. To increase intensity extend your arms over your head.

Oblique Curl - Targets Obliques
Start with the ball by your side, place one hip on the ball, keep legs extended and feet apart by a couple of feet. Place your hands beside your head and lean over the ball, slowly lift your upper body by bending sideways at the waist.

Roll Back - Targets entire Core
Lie on the ball on your stomach with your hands straight out in front, hands on the floor, walk your hands forward until your thighs are on the ball, keep your core engaged throughout, walk your hands back until you are back in the start position.

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