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Monday Motivator - revisiting resolutions

New year came and went 
As did most peoples resolutions, whether it was to get fit, lose weight, start using your gym membership or just to make a simple change like giving up chocolate, there is a good chance that your dedication has faltered.

Now is the time to make some real resolutions, some changes that are sustainable. Spring is in the air the dull wet days of winter are behind us, evenings are getting longer and the temperature is rising. This is the time to make a change.

Reflect on 2013
Think about 10 things that you achieved in 2013, think about what they meant to you and why, how did that achievement make you feel? 

Before you sit down to look at the months ahead and what you would like to achieve, pause for a moment, think about approaching things differently. If in the past you have set yourself targets, decided on resolutions which you haven't achieved, if you always say 'I am going to do this', ask yourself why you didnt, what would you need to do differently.

Ask yourself these Questions
1. What would you like to achieve by Easter 2015? Think of as many things as you can, from fitness and health to travel, relationships, family anything can be included.
2. Why do you want to achieve it? Really think about this, as this is your motivation and focus, this is what makes it specific to you.
3. What will you gain from achieving it? This is key and is your secondary motivation, so by becoming lighter, leaner and more confident you will be able to go and do something else and enjoy it more. The secondary motivation will keep you focused more when things get challenging.
4. Who do you need to help support you to make this happen? Don't be afraid to ask for help, this may be close family and friends or may be your GP or you may have to invest in a coach or Personal Trainer. If you cant afford to social media is a great help in logging your achievements and seeking support and advice.
5. When will you begin and when will you complete this goal? Being clear on the commitment to start, progress and complete. If you often start but don't complete, work out what you need to do differently to complete it this time.
6. Write it down, build a vision board, get a tune that represents success, surround yourself with positive role models, music and pictures all helping you towards your goals. If you have limitations, don't ignore them, face them up, work out where they come from and work towards solving them, its like breaking a bad habit.

Once you have answered these questions
Decide on 10 things from the list that you want to achieve. Choosing only 10 will allow you to commit and achieve. Split these goals down into a time frame over the next 12 months, work out which goals need to be achieved when, for example you may have a goal to run a half marathon which is in June, maybe complete a project at work due by end of May, learn a language for a holiday also in June after the marathon, so you may really focus on these three goals and other goals you may work on a bit each week, they are in maintenance but your focus for them may come once you return from holiday.

Next think of the 10 most positive people you know, share your goals and fears with them, listen to their response, ideas and fears etc, build a positive support network to surround yourself with. Record your achievements and progress, take note of things that don't work and figure out why. In years to come think how fulfilled and contented you will feel looking back on your achievements.

Good luck, never get disheartened, stay positive and keep moving forward.

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