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Easy ways to avoid hunger

Foods to help satisfy hunger   

When you’re trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, what’s the first round of advice you usually receive? Lower your calorie intake. Great idea, right? It depends on how you do it. Lowering your calorie intake and eating all of the foods we consider diet fare, such as lettuce, carrots, and celery can actually bite you back if you get hungry.   

By not getting enough fibre or protein in your meals, you can sabotage your own weight loss endevours  Of course salad is good for you, but is it enough to keep the hunger pangs at bay?

Probably not.  This is why you should never go food shopping when you’re hungry. Not only will you buy the wrong kinds of foods, but those foods may not even make it home before you’ve devoured half a box.  

Hunger can be likened to a ravenous lion. You don’t want one living in the same house with you because you never know when it might pounce. The tip to having a successful diet is eating the kinds of foods that won’t unleash that lion within your body. There are several foods that can satisfy the hunger cravings and make you feel full for longer lengths of time.   

Hunger is often mistaken for thirst.  Because we should obtain half of our daily water intake from the food that we eat, our brains will often confuse a requirement for water with a need to eat.  Keep your water intake up 2-2.5 litres a day, little and often is best to maintain an efficient level of hydration.

Peanut Butter
This may surprise you, but a great diet food is peanut butter. Peanut butter can actually help lower your triglycerides. Triglycerides are fat in your blood. Since peanut butter helps lower this, your heart benefits as well as your waist. Plus, peanut butter is loaded with protein and contains the good kind of fat.  Protein has been shown to quell hunger more than other food sources.  

Next on the “keep you full longer” list are eggs. Eggs are low in calories and have the protein we need to keep that full feeling. Plus, the yolks in eggs contain lecithin, a phospholipid that protects your cells.  The great thing about eggs is that they can be used as a handy snack food. If you have some that are already boiled with the shells off just waiting in the refrigerator, it’s as easy to grab one to quell your hunger as it to reach for the bag of chips or the handful of cookies.   

There’s no need to lay out your money for appetite suppressants in pill form, which probably aren't good for you anyway, when natural foods contain them instead. Oatmeal can work to help suppress your appetite because it sticks around in the body long after you've eaten it. The type of fibre contained in oatmeal is a soluble fibre, sometimes called roughage. This works to actually decrease the rate of digestion, leaving you feeling full longer.   

Remember the Three As
When you’re looking for foods to help you find success with your diet, don’t forget the three A’s of the food world; apples, almonds, and avocados. Apples keep you feeling full because they also contain soluble fibre.  Almonds, like most nuts, are great snack foods. Not only do they keep the hunger pangs at bay, they can help reduce your blood pressure. Avocados are another food that helps you feel full and gives you a health benefit, too. Eaten regularly, they can lower your bad cholesterol.  

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