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Get in Shape for Christmas

Are you looking forward to the festive season, to getting glammed up for that party, theres only one problem, you cant quite fit into the dress (or tux, gents) that you've got your eye on, so you need to loose a few pounds.
This can be done easily, everyone could lose half a stone between now and Christmas with a little bit of commitment and some simple alterations to their lifestyle.
  • Exercise More - Train smart, it doesn't have to be hours and hours down the gym, instead try and spare 30 minutes a day and perform circuits, mix up high tempo Cardio such as star jumps or shuttle sprints with big body movements like Squats, Lunges, Press ups, Pull ups. Perform in quick sequence and rest at the end.
  • Drink More Water - consume at least 2 litres a day, you need to get your body working at an optimum state and in order to do that you need to be well hydrated.
  • Give Up Alcohol - for the next 4-6 weeks don't have a drink, each unit of alcohol is on average 100 calories, work out how much you drink in a week, then how many calories you would lose.
  • NO Take Aways - take aways are loaded with calories, telling yourself its a treat, is just excusing poor eating habits.
  • NO Cakes, Sweets, Deserts - these are generally filled with calories which have no benefit to you.
  • NO Bread - try giving it up for the next 4-6 weeks. Bread affects your body's ability to utilise and burn body fat.
  • NO Starchy Carbohydrates after 3pm - fill your food with fresh produce, meat, fish, vegetables. Snack on fruit and nuts.
  • Eat lots of Fruit and Vegetables - get as much fresh produce to help your body to work efficiently.
  • Get More Sleep - sleep is vital to the functioning of your body, in order to lose weight, you have to get sufficient rest.
  • Eat Breakfast - you have to get your metabolism going in the morning to burn more calories.
  • Imagine Yourself Thinner - It is very hard to achieve something without seeing yourself in that situation, it will help you to stay on track and achieve your goal.
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