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Metabolic Training
Lots of people train to lose weight and adopt a regime of participating in Cardiovascular exercise, be it running, cycling, swimming or any other mode they may find in their chosen gym. They often train at a steady pace in the belief that there is a 'magical' fat burning zone which will solve all their problems.
The Fat Burning Zone is a load of rubbish! Whilst it is true that your body burns a higher proportion of Fat at lower intensities, the amount of calories you burn is fairly small in comparison to the time you put in. The only real way to burn some serious body fat is to raise your Metabolism, not just whilst you are training but for some hours after, this is where Metabolic Training comes in.
Metabolic Training uses Large Muscle Groups - Exercises that are multi joint (compound) require a larger amount of energy to perform.
Metabolic Training is High Intensity - It should leave you breathless, you work from exercise to exercise with little or no rest.
Metabolic Training will make your muscles burn - You will get a resistance workout and a High intensity Cardio workout at the same time.
Metabolic Training will improve your Cardiovascular fitness - even though it will take you 'anaerobic' it will have a significant impact on your Cardio fitness.
Metabolic Training has a big calorie burn - a 30 minute workout can be 500 calories, plus you continue burning calories at an increased rate for some hours after, some studies have shown a 10% to 25% increase for up to 48 hours. this is hundreds of extra calories. Plus it can make your body more efficient at burning body fat thus increasing how much it will burn.
So what is Metabolic training, well it is generally performed in a circuit, (but can be pairs of exercises) for example:-
Press Ups
Shoulder Press                        
Step ups
Bent over Row
Each exercise should be 12-15 reps (approx 45 secs), Perform 3-4 Circuits, Rest for 60 seconds between.
Lunges and step ups are double time as you alternate legs
Always warm up for 5-10 minutes, ensuring both Lower and Upper body mobility, so Rowing is good, Cycling is not.
This is a fairly basic example but a good one to start with, once you become more ambitious the exercises can become harder for instance replace Lunges with Jumping Lunges. Aim to perform this workout 2-3 times a week, Warning - This workout is Hard!

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